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  • Democrats gained control of the Nevada Senate in 2016 with the election of Nicole Cannizzaro to Senate District 6 in the northwest Las Vegas Valley. Cannizzaro, a first-term senator, narrowly defeated Republican former Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman, winning by a 51-49 percent margin. Cannizzaro is now under attack by Republicans who, with their recent recall efforts of three of Nevada’s female senators, including Cannizzaro, are attempting to win back the majority they lost in 2016. During her first legislative session, Cannizzaro passed legislation supporting Nevada's Public Lands and earned a 100% from the Nevada Conservation League on their 2017 Scorecard. Cannizzaro was the Clark County Deputy DA prior to the 2016 election.

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  • Senate District 5 was a top incumbent protect priority in Nevada in the 2016 election cycle. GiveGreen in the States targeted this as one of their key races in the state. Senator Woodhouse won the seat by a narrow margin of less than one percent defeating Republican Carrie Buck by 469 votes.  Nevada Republicans are now seeking to replace Woodhouse in a recall effort that would put her 2016 opponent, Buck, in office. Senator Woodhouse has made the environment one of her key priorities. She has a 93% lifetime rating from the Nevada Conservation League including a 100% on their most recent scorecard. She has pushed to promote clean energy by creating incentives and was one of the sponsors of the “Green Jobs Initiative” that directed the state of Nevada to invest stimulus money toward clean energy economy jobs and projects.

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  • Jason Frierson returned to the seat serving Nevada Assembly District 8 in 2016, earning just over 56% of the vote. Upon his return, his colleagues selected him as Speaker of the Nevada Assembly.  As Speaker, Frierson presided over one of the most pro-conservation legislative sessions in the state's history while achieving a 100% score from the Nevada Conservation League for his voting record. Previously Frierson served as Representative for Nevada Assembly District 8 from 2011 to 2014, serving as the Assistant Majority Floor leader during the 2013 session. Frierson will continue to be a strong ally for the conservation community and defending his seat in an off year is a key priority.

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  • Lesley Cohen is running for re-election in Nevada’s State Assembly seat in district 29. In order to protect the progress made in 2016, we need to make sure she is elected in 2018 to ensure a pro-conservation majority in the Nevada legislature. Cohen won the 2016 election by less than 250 votes in a district that Trump won. Cohen’s has 100% lifetime score on the Nevada Conservation League scorecard and has been a leader on moving our state towards a clean energy economy by helping pass legislation to revive Nevada's rooftop solar industry and expand the state's clean energy standard.

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  • For the last 5 years, Michelle Lujan Grisham has been championing rights for New Mexicans in the 1st Congressional District. Now, she is standing up for all New Mexicans in challenging sitting Governor Susana Martinez, who has spent her term eroding rights in the state - from democracy to education to outright denying climate change exists. Unlike Martinez, who stated that she doesn't believe "the science completely supports" humans' impact on global warming, Congresswoman Lujan Grisham has been endorsed by Conservation Voters New Mexico, having raised the profile about the climate crisis in NM by highlighting the drought, rampant wildfires, and pushing for clean energy technology and jobs; she plans to continue this push as Governor.

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  • As Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown will continue to ensure Oregon steps up on climate change as the Trump Administration retreats. Brown has made clear that if re-elected she will continue to preserve the efforts of the Paris Climate Agreement. As Governor, Brown has been a climate champion, fighting for Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program and clean air for all Oregonians. She’s defended public lands from privatization, including Oregon’s Elliott State Forest, which will remain public because of her leadership. Brown’s commitment to protecting the environment is clear and consistent, reflecting her vow to make Oregon a leader on climate change.

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  • Give Green in the States is supporting Tammy Story for State Senator in Colorado’s 16th district. In order to secure a pro-conservation majority within the Senate, our candidate needs to win this seat in 2018. Tammy Story is running against Tim Neville, a candidate who currently has a 0% score in 2017, and a 14% lifetime Conservation Colorado rating. Neville has voted against funding for public transportation, state parks and wildlife areas. If elected, Story will heed the advice from climate science, and work towards mitigating the effects of climate change by increased emergency response, and updating the state’s infrastructure.

    Contribution Limit: $400
  • State Representative Tony Exum Sr. is running to maintain his seat representing Colorado’s House District 17, which he reclaimed in 2016 after a tightly contested race against Republican incumbent Catherine Roupe. While serving in the State House, Representative Exum supported pro-climate legislation—including bills helping Colorado address the impacts of devastating wildfires—and earned a perfect score from Conservation Colorado for his pro-environment record. He also was a co-prime sponsor on legislation to test for lead in schools. Colorado’s 17th House District covers a diverse area of El Paso County, and is one of the most competitive areas in the state.

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  • Jeff Bridges is running for Colorado House District 3 to maintain the seat he won in 2016 after defeating Katy Brown. This is a critical seat for Democrats to maintain to keep their pro-conservation control of the House and will be one of the top-targeted races in the state this cycle. Bridges is a strong pro-climate voice in the legislature, with a 100% Conservation Colorado lifetime and 2017 rating.

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  • Faith Winter is a long time environmental advocate in Colorado. For the past three years, as the State Representative for House District 35, Winter championed legislative efforts to renew our energy efficiency standards and create measurable climate goals. Not surprisingly, she has received a 100% lifetime score from Conservation Colorado. Prior to serving in the House, Faith was a member of the Westminster City Council, and helped make the city the first platinum solar city in the state. She was Conservation Colorado's Program Director for several years before being elected to the state House. A combination of experience as an elected official and a staffer for environmental groups make Winter the ideal candidate to represent the State Senate’s 24th district, and is one of the strongest reasons she was endorsed by Conservation Colorado.

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  • Barbara McLachlan is seeking re-election for State Representative to represent Colorado’s 59th State House district - one of the most competitive races in the state. In 2016, McLachlan narrowly defeated Republican incumbent J. Paul Brown - a climate change denier with a low 35% lifetime rating from Conservation Colorado. Since winning the seat in 2016, McLachlan has earned a perfect lifetime rating of 100% from Conservation Colorado.

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  • Andrew Cuomo


    As Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo will continue to make the state a national leader on climate action and clean energy. The Governor’s Clean Energy Standard, the first-ever state clean energy mandate, will take New York to at least 50 percent clean energy and means at least a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2030. Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York joined the U.S. Climate Alliance in the wake of President Trump’s disastrous decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, and has joined with the other Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) states to lower the emissions cap by an addition 30 percent by 2030. New York also boasts the largest green bank in the country, and has made significant investments in electric vehicles, offshore wind and solar power.  Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York has committed to the NY-SUN Solar program, $300 million in investments in New York’s Environment Protection Fund (the highest actual funding in New York State history), the Ten-Year Brownfield and Superfund Cleanup Extension, and $2.5 billion in investments in the state’s Clean Water Fund.

    Contribution Limit: $65,100