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  • Ralph Northam’s platform for Governor of VA is based on his life of service. He served as a doctor for the Army, as a State Senator with a 77% lifetime score with VALCV and currently as Lieutenant Governor. If elected, Northam will implement his environmental policy plan that encourages state driven initiatives to combat sea level rise, rebuild the Chesapeake Bay and boost clean energy infrastructures within the state. As a pediatrician, he is more than aware of the negative side effects of climate change for patients who suffer from asthma and chronic lung diseases, and encourages clean energy in the name of public health. Endorsed by Virginia League of Conservation Voters

    Contribution Limit: $100,000
  • Successful businessman and Ambassador Phil Murphy will be a leader for New Jersey and the North Atlantic on climate and clean energy if elected Governor this fall.  He is committed to bringing New Jersey back into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and to getting New Jersey to 100% clean energy by 2050.  He believes that New Jersey will get to this goal by modernizing NJ Transit to get more cars off the road and investing in clean energy jobs.  Phil Murphy will be a strong leader to push back on the Trump administration’s attacks on the environment.   Murphy has been endorsed by the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters.

    Contribution Limit: $4,300
  • Manka Dhingra is running for the open seat in the 45th legislative district in Washington State. This seat is a critical win to flip the balance of the State Senate to pro-environment, opening the door to legislative action on climate in the legislature.  Although this district has historically been a swing district, last year Hillary Clinton won in the 45th legislative district by 65%.  Dhingra is a prosecutor, PTSA mom, and anti-domestic violence advocate and community leader. Dhingra has a strong commitment to environmental protection from her background in public health and education, and believes that all kids deserve a healthy environment.  Dhingra has been endorsed by Washington Conservation Voters.

    Contribution Limit: $2,000
  • Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has been a strong steward for the environment.  Since first being elected in 2013, Herring made protecting the Chesapeake Bay a priority. Under his leadership, Virginia became the first Chesapeake Bay state to defend the restoration plan agreed to by all six Bay states and Washington, D.C.  He defended the cleanup plan from attacks in court by Attorneys General from 21 other states as far away as Alaska.  As Attorney General, he has secured the largest environmental damages settlement in Virginia history and successfully defended Virginia's moratorium on uranium mining.  Before being elected AG, Herring served in the State Senate where he had an 87% lifetime score from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters and was named a Legislative Hero.  Herring has been endorsed by the Virginia League of Conservation Voters.

    Contribution Limit: $10,000
  • As Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown will continue to ensure Oregon steps up on climate change as the Trump Administration retreats. Brown has made clear that if re-elected she will continue to preserve the efforts of the Paris Climate Agreement. As Governor, Brown has been a climate champion, fighting for Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program and clean air for all Oregonians. She’s defended public lands from privatization, including Oregon’s Elliott State Forest, which will remain public because of her leadership. Brown’s commitment to protecting the environment is clear and consistent, reflecting her vow to make Oregon a leader on climate change.

    Contribution Limit: $2,500,000